Post Number One

Throughout any day I find myself often searching a variety of different news mediums to find out what is going on locally, nationally and world wide. From Twitter to and even a little bit of Reddit mixed in there, I consume all sorts of different types of news.

For Arizona news I often turn to because I like to be able to go to each of the city sub headings and see what is going on in each area. I do trust because they are a credible news source, I have not seen many corrections made and it seems pretty objective from the articles I have read. Sometimes I will go to valley news organizations websites such as and, however I mostly stick to because I honestly prefer their websites organization better than the other state news websites.

I also use Twitter quite often throughout the day, and this medium helps me to follow all of the state news organizations so I don’t have to go to their websites and skim through a bunch of article titles to find out what is going on. In 44 characters news organizations can give me latest headlines, which is very convenient.  I can just skim through their tweets, and click on the linked articles if I am really interested in the story. I would say that Twitter is where I get most of my local/national/world wide news because it’s quick, simple and to the point. For example while I was writing this post, I saw an ABC15 breaking news tweet that said: “@UofA there’s a report of a man with a rifle in the administration bldg. UAPD is on the scene. Please stay away from the area.” Just by reading that tweet, I texted some of my friends who attend U of A to make sure they were aware of the incident. This news outlet is such a powerful tool because it is immediate, and that is why I chose to use Twitter. I trust the news sources I follow on Twitter, such as Arizona Newsnet. However I am still very cautious if I do read a piece of news that comes from a different outlet on Twitter to ensure I’m not getting the wrong information. 

For entertainment I go to sites like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too sometimes. Reddit has all kinds of video (that link to Youtube), photos, articles, AMA (ask me anything posts from celebrities/politicians/interesting people, and links. This website is geared by “redditers” so any information that is news worthy, I am sometimes hesitant about. But the reason I enjoy this website is because often this is where CNN will find original videos, photos or interesting stories. I am cautious about the information I receive, but for example a few weeks ago there was a meteorite hit Russia and people who caught it on tape posted it to Reddit, then hours later CNN tweeted the same video. 

I keep up on news, and don’t think I am missing out on too much. I follow hard news, sports and entertainment organizations on Twitter so I try be in the loop about what is going on. I really do care about what’s going on around me and I guess that’s what makes me a news junkie, and one reason why I want to become a reporter. 

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