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How I make gym time fit our CRAZY ever changing schedule!? I PRIORITIZE IT! 🌈 Each Sunday night I’ll ask Zak what his work schedule is (the hours change daily) and then I plug in a time every single day that week (including drive time) that the gym will fit! I literally write in my planner 2:30-4:30 pm etc and time block it.Sometimes it’s before the sun rises, sometimes it’s mid day, and others it’s a family trip at 7 pm! I don’t schedule a rest day- gasp! But here’s why: I plan on going everyday and if by chance something happens (which it does cuz that’s life) or I don’t feel like it I’ll take that day to chill- but I always plan on 7 days a week to insure I hit my goals. Always over plan as a buffer! Does that make sense!? And then after I plug in gym time, I build our week around it! Activities, appointments, events- all come after. It might sound intense- but for me working out is a mental break that I need in order to be the best wife, mama, friend and family member- so I prioritize it! I also get asked if people ever get upset if I say no to an engagement in order to make a workout and really, no. The people I surround myself with get it because I tell then how much it helps and they’re not only fine with it- but support me too! The people you’re around most should be your biggest cheerleaders and help yah reach your goals- not give yah crap about them! So prioritize your goals, schedule them first and get used to saying no- that’s how I make it happen!🌈

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